Grassfed Beef


Tarkil Branch Farm now proudly sells grassfed beef by the pound.  Our beef is Black Angus, it is:

  -vacuum packed
  -small packages (1 to 2 lbs)
  -flash frozen
  -USDA inspected
  -free of administered antibodies and hormones
  -100% grassfed
  -Sold by the pound at our farm store

Our cows are the most important crop on the farm.  They are moved to fresh grass 2-3 times every week.  They are always humanely treated with as little interventions as possible.  They are always provided plenty of clean water, sometimes from artesian wells, otherwise from well water-never from ponds or streams.  They are also always provided a free-choice mineral supplement to satisfy their needs.  Shade is essential for the summer comfort of cows, they have plenty of it in a section of woodland in each of their pastures.  This same woodland provides shelter from cold winds in winter.

All of our grassfed beef is raised here on our farm from birth.  You have our promise that our beef has not been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones, or fed any animal by products.