Farm Tours

Our 375 acre working farm may be toured by our farm wagon modified for your comfort and pulled with a farm tractor. 


Some of the things you may see on the tour include an artesian well.  There are 3 of them currently operating on the farm (a creek runs thru the middle of the farm with pastures on each side of the creek and a path down the side of it).  Fields of corn planted using soil conserving methods.  Grassed waterways and field borders are also soil conserving measures used throughout the farm. 


Soybeans are also grown here and may be seen from mid-May to November.  All types of native wildlife are present and sometimes seen on the tours.  Hand operated water pumps are abundant on the farm and one is still in operation.  Even an old type open well is present.  An old long-straw pine tree stump still stands as evidence of our ancestors' turpentine industry.  Examples of modern and natural forests are on the farm.

Come during grape season (September thru October) and enjoy the muscadine fruit right off the vine!  Blueberries are also a part of the museum.


Farm wagon/tours are $5.00 (at least 8 people required) unless a part of student/senior package (see museum tours).